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Stainless Steel Cocoa Shaker (Coarse Grid -10 oz.) with Handle

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This stainless steel cocoa shaker is used for "dusting" a cappuccino (or pastry) with cocoa powder, powdered sugar, powdered cinnamon, or any other powdered seasoning. Use the cocoa shaker with our stencils to create fancy designs on your cappuccinos. This shaker is 2-1/2" diameter and 4" tall, and has a dusting grid of small holes. It also has a handle to make it easier to control.

This 10 oz. shaker is the one in the middle of the inset photo, with its handle not visible in the picture.

A cocoa shaker make a worthwhile addition to your espresso machine setup to put finishing touches on your cappuccinos and lattes.

Keep this cocoa shaker right at your espresso machine station. Use it to give your drinks a professional finishing touch.

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