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Rancilio Classe 10 USB 2 Group Espresso Machine
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Rancilio Classe 10 USB 2 Group Espresso Machine

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The Classe 10 USB commercial espresso machine comes standard with the following features:


  • C-Lever Feature

    A new steam valve technology that is protected by a Rancilio patent, the C-Lever is a special control knob that is ergonomically designed to safely and efficiently control the steam wand. It features "Open-Stay" and "Open-Shut" functions. The valve has a short and easy travel distance, requiring a rotation of just 25 degrees to choose either function. Rotating it upwards will open the steam valve and cause it to remain open ("Open-Stay"). Rotating it downwards will open the steam valve, but the steam valve will shut when the C-Lever is released ("Open-Shut"). The new C-Lever feature makes for rapid and precise user comfort for daily tasks.

  • Load-and-Show Display Feature

    The new 240 X 60 pixel display, combined with an on-board USB port makes it possible to load your own shop logos and phrases onto the display quickly and easily. With and external memory device, you can also transfer settings from one espresso machine to another to ensure uniformity of drinks across espresso machines in your shops.

  • 4-Tea Feature

    The hot water control system for tea has four different temperatures and programmable dosages. Hot and cold water are mixed electronically to obtain the right temperature for your menu, and to stop automatically when the programmed dosage has been reached. You can select: "T0" which provides 203 degree (Fahrenheit) water that is suitable for black teas; or "T1" which provides 185 degree (Fahrenheit) water that is best for Herbal and Fruit teas; or "T2" which provides 158 degree (Fahrenheit) water that is best for Chinese green teas; or "T4" which provides 140 degree (Fahrenheit) water that is best for Japanese green teas.

  • Easy Clean Feature

    The Easy Clean feature allows you to clean your espresso machine at night with minimal intervention or supervision by your staff. Simply load the groups with espresso machine cleaner, and the Easy Clean feature will do the rest - cycling the heads to flush them correctly and leave them clean.

  • Plug & Brew Feature

    The Plug & Brew feature is a new Rancilio patented feature that makes your installation super easy. It allows your dosages and other the main programmable functions of your commercial espresso machine to be set to default values immediately on power up. Even espresso machines without the display feature will allow you to adjust your temperatures externally with the Plug & Brew feature, thanks to a new function that allows the boiler pressure to be adjusted using control buttons. The Plug & Brew comes standard on all Classe 6 E commercial espresso machines.

  • AMB.07 - Advanced Boiler Management Feature

    The Advanced Boiler Management feature is the electronic control of the boiler and water system within the espresso machine. Specifically designed software improves the performance of your espresso machine by switching on the heating element concurrently with the brewing of espresso, or the frothing or steaming of milk.

    This allows your espresso machine to stabilize its temperature by anticipating usage. The Advanced Boiler Management System features a control that senses pressure fluctuations in the boiler, and that immediately compensates for those fluctuations by modulating the heater..

  • V-Flex Feature

    The V-Flex feature is an automatic dynamic voltage regulation feature that allows your espresso machine to run smoothly when there are dips in the building power, and/or if the input power is not especially reliable. It is a self-adapting system that harmonizes the operating voltage of the espresso machine with voltage variations in your building's power. Espresso machines having the V-Flex system are also fitted with an advanced diagnostics function, called "Easy Fix," which allows a technician to easily trace and diagnose any internal problems.


  • Easy Fix Feature

    The Easy Fix feature is an advanced diagnostic program that is stored internal to your espresso machine that can trace and pinpoint problems very easily. This allows a technician to diagnose the espresso machine very quickly and without opening it up. This will save on repair bills should your espresso machine ever have problems.


Additional Features of the Classe 10 USB Espresso Machine

Two personalized logos can be programmed into the display. The computer controls all the activity of the espresso machine, practically talking to the user. These intelligent operations help to reduce costs while ensuring high performance. Your espresso machine can be programmed by using the weekly calendar mode to turn on and off at desired times.

The Classe 10 USB is the only traditional espresso machine with an automatic clean program. In addition to the expanded pre-infusion chamber, there is an optional electronic pre-infusion controlled by the computer program. The Classe 10 is equipped with the new SEQ (standard espresso quality): the computer alerts the barista if the dispensing is not perfect.

The Classe 10 USB a>espresso machine can be ordered with the I-Steam feature, with the Gas Heating feature, and with the Pod Adapter feature, although these do not come as standard features.

2 Group Espresso Machine Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 30.7"W X 21.2"D X 20.8"H
  • Weight: 201 pounds
  • Boiler Capacity: 11 liters
  • Voltage: 220-240 Volts
  • Power: 6000 Watts