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Pallo Group Brush - Angled, with a Cafiza Scoop and a Jet Dispersion Brush
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Pallo Group Brush - Angled, with a Cafiza Scoop and a Jet Dispersion Brush

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This Pallo nylon group brush is used for cleaning out and scrubbing the group head and screens in your espresso machine, and the portafilter baskets that you use with your machine. This is a general-purpose brush, and it has nylon bristles. As a "Group Brush," that was specifically designed for use on an espresso machine. It's angled so that it can reach up into the grouphead of the machine. Because the brush is nylon, it won't scratch the metal platings.

Because you might want to scrub inside the grouphead of the machine while running some water through it, this brush has a "joint" in it to angle the slope of the handle away from you. This way, hot water can't run down the brush and burn your hand.

On the other side of this brush is a small spoon that is made to measure out Cafiza cleaner to put into your blind filter for backwashing your espresso machine. And on the back side of the brush head is a small swab that is made for cleaning out the little jets in the brass dispersion plate inside the group of the machine. For more on this, see our article on cleaning the brew group.

This brush is a "3-in-1" tool. The brush has a sturdy plastic handle, and is for general use on your espresso machine ona daily basis. See our article on Cleaning an Espresso Machine for more on this.

While the Pallo brush is more expensive than the generic brush, the nylon bristles are replaceable. They screw into the Pallo handle easily. See the next item for replacement bristles for this brush. They are sold in packs of 3.

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