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Keychains: Choose either Portafilter or Gunmetal Tamper

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Some great gifts for the hidden baristas in your best friends are these keychains. The first is the portafilter, and the second is a silvery-black tamper made of Gunmetal. The portafilter is 2" long, having a portafilter basket that's 3/4" in diameter, and it has the keyring attached to its handle. The tamper is 1.75" long and has a short stud on the top of the domed handle through which there is a keyring. In case you were wondering, the tamper diameter is 29 mm (about 1 and 1/8 inches) - for those with really tiny espresso machines!

Choose either the portafilter or the tamper. Or get both! These are sure to be big hits with hardcore espresso lovers. They are both made of aluminum. The tamper has a silvery-black finish, and the portafilter looks like plain steel.

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