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Heavyweight Bell Toroidal Frothing Pitcher (18 oz.)
The Coffee Brewers

Heavyweight Bell Toroidal Frothing Pitcher (18 oz.)

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The high-quality heavyweight Bell Toroid frothing pitcher has a rounded bowl with a continuous circular taper from its base up to its flared top. This allows the milk to circulate in a spherical (3-dimensional) way, so as to heat uniformly withing the pitcher, resulting in a rich froth while avoiding any burning.

The Bell Toroid has a highly polished finish that will add a touch of elegance to your espresso bar. It also features a raised spout that really helps you to separate the foam from the hot milk - essential for topping off lattes.

Note that the Bell Toroid is NOT the same as the Espro Toroid, which has an internal cleft in its base to ensure circulation by pointing the steam wand straight downward - built so that amateurs can froth milk correctly. But the Bell Toroid has the same shape, and the same outward beauty.

Both the 10 oz. and the 18 oz. pitchers are sufficient for home, as well as professional use. The Bell Toroid is well worth it! It's extra thickness allows you to do a longer froth if you pre-chill the body of the pitcher.