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Grindmaster B-DAP Double Precision Brewers for Airpots
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Grindmaster B-DAP Double Precision Brewers for Airpots

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The B-DAP is essentially a doubled-up B-SAP, except that it cannot be operated as a pourover. The B-DAP contains two digitally controlled brewers that brew into 2.2 liter thermally insulated airpots. Since the airpots keep the coffee hot, the unit does not have warming plates. The two brewers operate independently. Each brewer can maintain precise (+/- 1 degree) brewing temperature during the brew cycle. Both the brewing temperature and the volume are programmable. Note that the airpots are NOT included. Unit comes with stainless steel filter baskets. There is a hot water spigot on the front of the unit.



  • Electrical: 120/240 Volts / 6000 Watts / 25 Amperes
  • Brew Capacity: Programmable
  • Warmers: 0
  • Dimensions: 25"H X 16.25"W X 17.75"D
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • Certifications: UL, CUL, NSF
  • Airpots sold separately.

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