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"Espresso" White on Black Demitasse Cups & Saucers (Set of 2)
The Coffee Brewers

"Espresso" White on Black Demitasse Cups & Saucers (Set of 2)

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Porcelain "Espresso" espresso cups have the word "Espresso" printed in white letters over a black background. The saucers have the pattern reversed - with "Espresso" printed in black letters on a white background. Sold in sets of 2, 4, or 6 cups and saucers. Made in Germany.

If you are considering a set of espresso cups, you should also think about matching these to a set of demitasse spoons, especially if you or any of your guests will use sugar. A standard teaspoon will not fit into an espresso cup, so you will need demitasse spoons. You should think about which spoons will best go with these espresso cups.

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