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The Coffee Brewers

Coffee Tamper Pad with a Thick Base and a Hightened Rim

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This is a very strong rubber base that is both a great place to store your coffee tamper, and a great surface onto which you can place your coffee tamper to tamp coffee. This coffee tamper pad will NOT slip, and it won't move. You can keep the coffee tamper pad where you keep your coffee tamper. It protects the surface, and more importantly, it protects the coffee tamper surface. This way, your coffee tamper will not pick up any grit that might scar its face. Your coffee tamper will always rests on this smooth, ridged-rubber base.

This coffee tamper base is both Thick AND Deep. It's thick enough and rugged enough to use it as a tamping mat too (see inset photo). When you are actually using your coffee tamper, you can put the portafilter base into the pad, and tamp down hard! This coffee tamper base will take it. And because this base is deep, it will catch any coffee spillover - an important feature to keep your workspace clean.

This coffee tamper storage holder and/or tamping base is an excellent accessory. With this, you don't need a tamping mat, and you'll keep your coffee tamper in excellent condition.

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