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The Coffee Brewers

"Coffee" Motiff Magnetic Labels (6 Labels)

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Flexible magnetic labels will cling to the outside of airpots and servers having metal shells (e.g, stainless steel). They will not cling to plastic, or to metalic-coated plastic.

Magnetic labels are useful for identifying the contents of your airpots, especially when you have multiple airpots in service. Flexible magnetic labels have a coffee bean background, and carry one of four different signs: Columbian, French Roast, House Blend, or Decaf. Labels come in two sizes.

Small labels are 1" high, and 3" long, and are suited to airpots and servers (main photo). Large labels are 4" high, and 6" long, and are best suited to airpots only (inset photo).

Each label is sold in a set of six. Choose size and label message when ordering.

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