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Coffee Grinder Brush (7.5") with Carved Contours for Home Grinders

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Yes, it's a grinder brush - just a prettier grinder brush. This handle was turned on a lathe to give it more of a "country" look. It's a beaut' to have - and it makes a nice house-gift for your barista friends.

While the standard brush is 1-foot long (which is useful for a big grinder), this one is 7.5" long - much more suitable for the home-sized coffee grinder. The 7.5" includes 6" of handle, and 1.5" of bristles.

This brush is essential for cleaning out your grinder, including the spouts, the dosing chamber, and the coffee bean hopper. The bristles on this brush are made of soft fiber, and the brush has a natural hardwood handle. It's a necessary item for any home espresso bar, and should be part of the tools that you use to clean your espresso grinder.

With use, essential oils and coffee particles build up in your espresso grinder. If you don't brush them out regularly, they will eventually degrade into acrid deposits within your grinder that will impart "off" characteristics to your freshly ground beans.

This brush has a 6" long wooden handle that makes it easy to use - easy to reach into the inner chambers of your espresso grinder. TIP: You can also use your vacuum cleaner to suction out any hard to reach corners.

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