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Cafiza Tablets (8) for Superautomatics
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Cafiza Tablets (8) for Superautomatics

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Clean your superautomatic machine with tablets for fresher coffee. Urnex specifically designed these tables for use in home superautomatic espresso machines.

Removing coffee residue, oils, and and particle buildup from the brew group of your superautomatic espresso machine now comes in a tiny tablet. Urnex Cafiza Cleaning Tablets will quickly dissolve grit and oils, and will clean the brew group for standard maintenance and fresher coffee. Urnex Cafiza Home Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets are recommended for use with any super automatic espresso machine. Each box contains 8 tablets.

If your superautomatic espresso machine has a cleaning program, follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. If your superautomatic espresso machine has a preground coffee chute, then use the Cafiza cleaning tablets as follows:


  1. Place a Cafiza tablet in the preground coffee chute and place a cup under the coffee spout to catch runoff.
  2. Press the button corresponding to brewing with preground coffee and allow the machine to go through a typical brewing cycle.
  3. Repeat this cycle 3-4 more times (you don't need to add more tablets - simply push the buuton).
  4. Remove the coffee dispensing unit and rinse it carefully using clean water.
  5. Before using the appliance again, put the machine through two normal brewing cycles by pressing the button corresponding to brewing with preground coffee, but without adding any coffee. Discard runoff.

These Cafiza cleaning tablets are NSF-certified for metal compatibility and safety. A pack contains 8 tablets.

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