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Elektra Micro Casa Brown Wooden Base
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Elektra Micro Casa Brown Wooden Base

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A classic and beautiful wooden base with drawers for your Elektra Micro Casa Espresso Machine - either a lever model or a semiautomatic model. Note that the Elektra Micro Casa machines - as they are - are 10" in diameter. This wooden base is 14" in diameter, and was specially built as a platform and storage area for supplies for the Micro Casa.

The drawer can be used for tools and supplies, or it can be used to hold grounds. It comes with a removable hard plastic knock-box to be used with the Micro Casa.

At 5" high, it will add an even more impressive stature to your Micro Casa espresso machine. The base with drawer is made in Italy.



  • Brown Wood
  • 14" Diameter - to hold a Micro Casa Espresso Machine
  • 5" High
  • Includes Knockbox


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