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Demitasse Spoons

We feature 42 sets of demitasse spoons. While a few of our spoons have gold plated edging, all (except one, which is chrome-plated) are 18/10 stainless steel. Traditionally, demitasse spoons should be ornate - even if your main silver pattern is simple. We have a great article about the history of coffee and espresso, and how the spoons used for demitasse evolved over a fairly short time period. Click HERE if you’d like to read this article.

To understand a little more about stainless steel and its use in demitasse spoons, both what it is (stainless steel) and how various types of steel are different (and why they are), see our article: Tableware: 18/0, 18/8, or 18/10? What's the Difference?

Demitasse spoons should be a "collectible" part of your dining repertoire. Since they comprise such a small element of your dining set, and for a number of other reasons (covered in THIS article – CLICK here to read it) they should be different from your other silverware.

In fact, they should CONTRAST with your other silverware - they ARE special, and perhaps you should have a few different sets that capture different moods and levels of elegance. They are not at all expensive! As a collectible, demitasse spoons are "dear" in more ways than one! They are an affordable extravagance. Go for it! It's an easy way to live it up!